Replace line number with line break and line number


Openoffice I Have been using for nearly 20 years.

I need to do the following:

I have a giant question/answer for a test I am making

All the text is joined together in a big glob of line numbers but not using line numbering but its simply text like this

" Fill in the Blanks 1. Cells of the stratum corneum contain large amounts of a protein called _____. 2. Sweat glands located in the axillae and groin are classified as _____ glands. 3. The name of the muscle that raises the hair is the _____. 4. A dark-colored pigment that protects the skin from the rays in sunlight is called _____. 5. Refer to the integumentary system in “The Body Visible” overlays to find that the Meissner and Ruffini corpuscles are receptors for the sense of _____. Matching Match each numbered item with the most closely related lettered item. _____ 6. Skin sensitivity characterized by intense itching and inflammation _____ 7. A viral infection that follows nerve pathways, producing small lesions on the overlying skin _____ _____ 8. 9. A fungal infection of the skin Allergic reaction characterized by the appearance of wheals _____ 10."

I installed alt find and replace extension

How can I separate on new lines ALL the numbers plus the dot after them? Such as 8. and 9. you can see are all in the same string. Would it be something like [:digit:]. ?

I tried that string and YES can find them all, but when I try to replace it using that, it replaces the digits and puts the string [:digit:] instead?

Anyone know?

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wow thanks alot!

This worked

ANd fast replies here! couldn’t be better community here.


And what result do you expect in this case? Separately, line number 8. (blank question) and next line 9.? And at the end of the text again an empty line with the number 10.?
This result can be obtained by the usual Find and Replace:
Find: [:digit:]{1,}\. (or [:digit:]+\., or \d+\., or [0-9]+\. - all of these expressions look for one or more consecutive digits and a mandatory dot after them.)
Replace: \n&
Regular Expression: ON


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Another solution nearby @JohnSUN - AltSearch.oxt

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