Replace Regex - Character to \n (Linefeed) Doesn't Work

In Calc I have text with spaces in cells. I would like to change the spaces to linefeeds. Using Ctrl-H (Find & Replace) with Find as \s (or a space) and Replace as \n it just replaces the spaces with \n, e.g “aaa bbb” becomes “aaa\nbbb”. The same with things like \r or \u000a. I do have Regular Expressions checked. (It does the same whether checked or not.)

Using =SUBSTITUTE(A1," ",CHAR(10) in another cell does what I want, and I can paste (special) the text back to the original cells, but this is tedious, and should not be necessary.

This is LibreOffice on Windows 10 64-bit.

I can confirm this, and the behaviour is unchanged in V5.3.0.2RC.