Replace text & paragraph marker with tabs & different text?

I’m trying to do data transformation of text that has a pattern to put into a table.

As an example, I have repeating patterns of: {using © as a paragraph marker for a visual}

text of some kind©

what I want is tab delimited:
[tab]-$14.97[tab]text of a different kind[tab]©

then I’ll just be able to convert it into a table.

I tried “\ttext of somekind” & nothing happened.

What am I missing?

I used to do this in WordStar, then WordPerfect, then Word, and finally Pages. Apple crippled Pages, so I can’t use that any more.

(LeroyG edit adds preformatted text)

my text is NOT in columns.
it is lines of continuous text separated by paragraph markers.
I want to separate the continuous text into tab separated text so I can get it into columns.
then I will be able to put it into cells.

I would be inclined to use Calc. Copy and paste your column(s) into a Cal sheet, select the column(s) and copy again. Create a new sheet and click in A2, then click Edit > Paste Special ? Paste Special... a dialog will open, tick Transpose and OK.


Your column(s) will be pasted as row(s). I have shown this on the same sheet to show what I mean, but the result is the same. Cheers, Al

Now select cells from columns D to G, copy, go to Writer, and choose menu Edit - Paste Special - Paste Special… and select Rich text formatting (RFT) - OK.

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