Replacing/deleting multiple numbers in brackets - ex: [1] [2] [3] ... [300] with nothing (deleted)

I’m very limited with the length of the title, so let me explain. I have a spreadsheet that is littered with reference notes annotated with [1], [2], [3] up to about 300. Each number of these may show up 1 - 200 times on the page and it is a real PITA to do a replace for each [1} number.

Is there a way to do a find for [1], [2], [3], …[300] all in one string/action? I want it replaced with nothing, I want it deleted as it isn’t needed for my presentation.

The “citation notes” are only on one worksheet, IDK if that matters. Is there a way to do an entire list of numbers like 1 - 300 but have each number include the brackets around it?

This seemed kind of difficult to figure out from the examples because they often use brackets to identify and separate wildcard or repetition.

any help is greatly appreciated!

FIND&REPLACE → Regular Expressions activated

SEARCH \[[:digit:]+\] or \[[:digit:]*\]