replacing fonts in the drop-down menu

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and LibreOffice I have a problem with the fonts that appear in the drop-down menu. The vast majority of them are from countries that do not use the Latin alphabet. How can I replace them with the usual fonts from Latin alphabets so that I can have - e.g. - Arial, Courier, Palatino Linotype, Times New Roman etc?

The last five fonts you have selected will be shown at the top of the dropdown list. Create a default template using the five most important fonts you wish to use. Then save it as your default template.

Your desired fonts are still in the list but they are lost among the many useless fonts forced upon you.
I delete/uninstall all the useless fonts.
Make a list which you can use again after the next update.
It takes some time and is quite annoying, but not as annoying as wading through a bunch of useless fonts every day.

Until LibreOffice finally allows users to select which fonts to install (as requested many times) you are stuck with this workaround.

Update: I made a font group in one of my font manager applications of all the undesired fonts.
That way I can uninstall all the clutter fonts with just a few clicks.