Replacing *line break within a paragraph* and commas between these characters with a single space

Hello I’m trying to format a document in Writer version (x64) running on Windows 10 Pro

where I have several instances of initial text that look like this

Screen Shot 11-25-23 at 03.51 PM

I would like to remove the line break within a paragraph and comma and replace them with a single space. ṣād ﴿ ﴾hāʾ

How can I accomplish this? Thank you so much for the help

Please edit your question for more information (=modify it, don’t use a comment): OS name, LO version, save format.
When you write “line break”, do you mean a paragraph break or a mere line break within a paragraph? You can tell by enabling View>Formatting Marks where a paragraph break displays as a “pilcrow” (a kind of mirrored P) and a line break as a down-left pointing arrow.
How was your sequence entered? Manually? Copy-paste from some source?

Judging from your picture you don’t have a line-break, but seperate paragraphs, some of them “empty”.
As usual find&replace is limited to search-expressions inside a paragraph I recommend to check extension AltSearch, wich doesn’t have this restriction.

Without extension it is more complicated. Some years ago I used an approach to mark all paragraph-endings (pilcrow), wich I’d like to keep with a marker like #-#-#, then removing all paragraph endings and afterwards restoring paragraphs by replacing the marker. (Keep an eye for the total size of the single paragraph, wich is created temporarily. There may be limits…)