How to replace all SPACES with Carriage-Returns?

Getting frustrated…

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Hi shadowsknight

The following can be done with the default search+replace (Ctrl+H). However, beware that you can only enter a new paragraph this way (the equivalent of the keyboard Enter) and not a newline (the equivalent of the keyboard Shift+Enter):-

  1. (menu):EditFind & Replace... (Ctrl+H)
  1. Enter a space in the Search For box
  2. Enter \n in the Replace With box
  3. (make sure that Regular expressions checkbox (under ▼ Other Options) is ticked)
  4. Replace away!

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Kemp´s answer is for a different but related question. You will need these additional steps:

To replace with carriage returns (ie U+000a) you have to create a carriage return in your text (Shift+Return) select and copy that character (e.g. position yourself on the line that contains it then type End, Shift+Left-Arrow, Ctrl+C) then copy this character into the Replace With field.

Note: it won´t appear on the field, but LO will use it, as it is a non-printing character.

This is the only solution that worked for me–actually copying the return.

Try out AltSearch.oxt - it is able to replace space with paragraph (Return) or newline (Shift+Return) .