Report Builder does not provide correct csv result-set

Hi All,

There is an error in the Report Builder in LO
The moment the User creates a specific report with Text as the file format, the report is correct, but the moment the User needs to create a report with Spreadsheet format, it is incorrect.

Reports are created as follows:
1. The User creates a Query with the required result-set.
2. The User then uses the Wizard to create a report in the Spreadsheet format to save it as an csv-file.

When creating a report in Text format, the User has enter the parameter once, before a result-set is created.

The moment the User creates a report in Spreadsheet format, the User needs to the parameter twice.
The parameter for the report is the DocumentNumber. The number consists of 10 digits.
The input format: LIKE ‘%’ || :DocumentNumber || ‘%’
This allows the User to enter any part of a DocumentNumber.
In the result-set for Text format, all the information is correct, including the DocumentNumber.
When changing to the Spreadsheet format, the result-set shows the DocumentNumbers as not making any sense.
Please advise,

DreamReport Error.odb


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Testing with your sample show problems with both Text Document and Spreadsheet. The problem occurs regardless of entering a partial or entire DocumentNumber. If the query is changed to eliminate LIKE and simply stated as =, there is no problem (entire number is required).

This is a error and should be reported here → Bugzilla.

The second required entry when output is to a spreadsheet is also an error and should also be reported.

Not sure what the right place was, so I asked in on both forums.
I use OpenOffice Forum the most, but this is a typical LO issue.

I need to give the User the opportunity for entering partial numbers.
The strange thing is with a 6 digit number there was never a problem.
We had to upgrade the DocumentNumber to 10 digits, because of new requirements. That is where it starts to go wrong.



It is not a matter of where (‘right place’) you post, it is that if posted in multiple places and no notation. Please note that and give a link to the other location. This helps eliminate duplicated effort.

Have just tested your sample with a six digit Document number - still a problem. Changed from Integer to decimal - still a problem.

Don’t see any work around. If you have a working version (using LO v6.4.5.2) with six digits, please post.

Error reported as tdf#135352 by @Dreamquartz

Turns out erratic results were caused by parameter name being the same as a field name. There is no problem with this running as a query but is a problem when input to a report. The double entry required still seems to be an open problem.