Report builder not available on ArchLinux


This is more of an informational statement rather than a question. It is written to guide others and to also perhaps bring attention to an issue that some users are faced with.

On ArchLinux the decision makers opted to not provide a package for the ReportBuilder. A bug report for this change can be found here: FS#57765 - [libreoffice-still] Oracle Report Builder is missing

  • A claim is that no one uses it so not
    providing the package should be of no
  • Another claim is that if you really
    need it then you should use the
    upstream binary, such as the AppImage
    provided at
  • A finall reason given was that the
    ReportBuilder had a convulted
    JavaDependency chain.

For me as a user I see a need for having the ReportBuilder. I actually need this feature. For me using the AppImage binary has been the solution, for now.

Feel free to contribute with answers and or comments.

As Ratslinger, mentioned in a comment, not all distibrutions of Linux include Base and or the ReportBuilder. What distro do you use and do they include either of the two? Leave a comment and let us know.

The absence of Base and often Report Builder in most distro installations has been around for years. Claims have not changed over those years either. Because of this piece by piece install, many problems arise. Gave up on distro versions years ago.