Report sort by ID

Hey guys,

Im working in this database with various tables.

When building a report, i choose building a report with 3 columns.

When i want to see the report made, i see that the 3 columns have the same exact infos in every each one of them.

I would like to know if theres a way to sort by ID the data, so it show all the table data but dont repeat them.

Im using libre 4.2 on windows 7 64 bit.


come on guys? no one can help with this?

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Hi Aphex:

I’m assuming you want your report data to ‘flow’ from one column to the next, and that your ID column values is ONE of the column values you need in your 3-column report.

This is what I’ve found works.

  1. Execute the report as a single-column report (the only option you have with Report Builder anyway).

  2. Once the report is created, do a SAVE AS into .odt (Writer) format.

  3. Re-open (if necessary) the .odt document and then under FORMAT>PAGE menu choose the COLUMNS tab and set the number of columns to 3.

  4. You probably will need to do some ‘fiddling’ to make it look OK, and if you you have too much information in the columns you may need to adjust the page layout (FORMAT>PAGE menu) for example to use Landscape instead of Portrait layout, etc.

  5. The main problem with editing the layout is that RB creates a writer doc with lots of independent TABLES to handle the formatting which cannot easily be edited (but see point 6, 7 & 8 below which does seem to help).

  6. You will need to adjust the font size to 8 or 9 points (or use a narrow style font) to accomplish this, and it is likely you’ll only be able to fit 2 or 3 data-fields in the column width assuming your final report uses 3-columns.

  7. Make sure your single-column report template has side margins that are as narrow as possible, say, 1cm - 1.5cm

  8. IMPORTANT: Adjust your (single-column) report layout so that your 2 or 3 field box widths and positions occupy the WHOLE width of the page, and in PROPORTION to the width you want them to occupy in the final 3-column layout. So for example, if you have 3 fields of equal width, set them to occupy 1/3 of the total single-column page width (so that in the final 3-column report, they also occupy 1/3 of the column width each. You will find that when you ‘convert’ your 1-column layout to the 3-column layout this procedure will give you the best result.

  9. Unfortunately all this template preparation is very fiddly, but once you have a 1-column report template adjusted as above, the actual conversion to 3-columns is pretty quick.

TIP: Please save your report template (and the database) quite frequently as you are fine-tuning it, just in case there is a crash (the report builder is buggy and may crash unexpectedly). I also like to make fairly frequent COPIES of the report template by copy and pasting it in the report pane.

Hi Frofa, thanks for your response.

It worked!! gosh!! so simple, i didnt have a clue about it!

but yes, its not looking that good. Can you explain me better that part of ‘fiddling’ and changing to landscape?


See additional info in my answer above.

Just solved the problem Frofa, thanks. If you interested a better way to do it, watch this videos PART 1-3.

thanks again.