Reports Auto Grow Property


Lo the reports Auto Grow property works fine in an embedded db report straight of a table.
Attempting to use that property on another report (split db HSQL 2.5.1) I can set the property, run the report ok, save everything, however running the report again the property is back to NO.

Could it be that the reports underlying union query is the culprit ? Or any known bug with

Thanks guys and gals

Further to this observation I found a similar situation in the sample report of Libre Data - multi-level report

there one can make the vendor field grow, but the property does not stick on the description field.
Anyone knows a work around ?

Thank you


Sorry for the extremely late response. Yes this is a problem reported here → tdf#131664

If you read this, there is a fix. Set the first field in the print row to Auto Grow also. Have tested on the Invoice sample noted in your comment and this resolves the problem. Would think this will work with other databases.


That is fantastic ! Thank you for that