Reports LibreOffice_5.2.1_Win_x86 grouping etc

I have set grouping( in Base)…keep together but would also like to have each group start on its own page. I downloaded the Oracle report writer ext form Oo but it won’t run in LO. Is there a way to force page breaks after each group and also repeat the group header if a group goes over one page?

If I’m not wrong it is built in with LibreOffice.

I have the grouping options(whole group…keep together,etc. but no matter what I do I get either one entry per page(break after group) or all groups on the same page(no break) and when a group extends to another page no group header is printed on the second page. Have tried group and detail options with the same results.

fixed it. Had to do where I was locating text and data fields. A=OK now.