Request for exporting Calc spreads in iCal format

At present, I am forced to use a third party email client to take my csv text spreadsheet and convert it to ical for my email client. I steadfastly refuse to subscribe to Microsoft Office to export it, and I am far too privacy/security conscious to upload it to gmail and convert it that way. I am officially asking for this functionality to be included in LibreOffice in future iterations.

Thank you

iCalendar data files are plain text files with the extension .ics or .ifb (for files containing availability information only).

Because the file format is textual, maybe it is possible to use the .txt or the .csv (.tsv) export filter to create such files. Maybe you need some macros for this task.

As @Zizi64 already said: It is possible to create this files in Calc. One simple Solution you may find in the linked thread at of 2017. As language is german: use the second download by mikele and adapt to your needs:
Dienstplan für Ics Datei aufbereiten - LibreOffice-Forum

No, you are telling your opinion on an user-to-user “help-desk”. I cite from the help to this site:

Feature requests should go directly to Bugzilla as Enhancements

Cited from here: This is the guide - How to use the Ask site? - #3 by Hrbrgr

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Thank you for your responses. I am new here and was unaware about the Bugzilla Enhancements. My sincere apologies.