Request for Sort Dialog change

In the Sort Key dropdown, can the word “Column” be removed? When I need to sort my file on columns (B,C,D) and my cursor is in column AK (it needs to be there to start my selection) I can’t simply change the column to B, I need to scroll all the way to the top of the dropdown. And since I sort a lot and CALC is flaky on remembering my sort parameters, I need to scroll a lot.

It would also make setting up different sorts on multiple columns easier by hitting the letter of the column rather than having to scroll constantly.


I wouldn’t say so. If I set my sort parameters, sort, then save my setup is kept. I also have some templates prepared for sorting: Fill with test-data, sort, remove data, save empty file in my projects folder, wich I copy for new projects. Same sort-setup is available, when I fill the file again.
(Win 10 pro, several versions of LO 6 and 7)

Hmmm. Then what am I seeing that I’m interpreting as sometimes saving and sometimes having to reload the sort parameters multiple times during a session? Because that’s IS what I’m seeing. What settings have you selected that I haven’t?

Define a range in Menu/Data/Range, and after that the sort options while in the range. The options are saved with defined range.

Sorting is broken beyond repair. Sorting spreadsheet rows by date column and not including headers keeps breaking
Base is the one and only component able to sort properly and remember sort orders.

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