[Request for testing] Archive viewer for your postings

Preferences → Activity → [Download All] lets you download your activity data. The zip contains a file user_archive.csv. If you put this file in one directory with the attached database document, you get a searchable topic browser. Just open the form contained in the database.

Type of database: Embedded HSQL. Requires Java.

Embedded macro code: Only for the URL button loading the selected topic into your browser.

How to update your archive: Close the entire office, replace user_archive.csv and start again.

Usage: Should be obvious.

  • The criteria form in the top-left corner offers searching by date and day time, by language, substring searching with optional wildcards (% and _ instead of * and ?). The yellow text box searches case-insensitively the entered substring. Search string (upload:%.ods) finds postings with *.ods attachments.
  • All the other UI elements are on the navigation toolbar when the topic list is focussed.
  • Default sort order is descending by time which can be overridden.
  • When you apply your own form based filter or auto-filter, be aware that this filter is applied after the criteria based filter. It is a 2-stage filter.
  • When you right-click the column header of the list, you get additional columns such as the count of replies and the count of likes. By default (when loading the form) date, time and subject are shown.
    Ask.LO.odb (18.2 KB)

Apart from the filter criteria, no data are stored in the database document. All the data come from user_archive.csv…