Request help with simple formula in Calc

Hopefully a very simple question.

If I have a column of numbers in Calc: D1:D100
and I have some number in A4,
how do I get E1:E100 to each be equal to the cell to its left divided by A4?

I.e. E1 = D1/A4
E2 = D2/A4 … etc

Thank you!

Absolute vs. relative reference:
E1 =D1/$A$4
copy E1 down

Thank you so much!!

As a follow-up, any cells in the D range that were empty, are giving me 0 in the E column.

Is there a way to have E also stay empty when there was no number in D?

A cell having a formula can not be empty. However, it can have an empty string, a text with no characters.


IF D1 is a number THEN D1/A4 ELSE empty string


Thank you again! :smile: