Request: .odb Database for own Questions and Answers on Ask.LibreOffice

Hello Everybody,

If you frequently answer questions here on Ask.LibreOffice ( respect! ), you often have to re-check parts of an answer that you already had given before on a previous question.

Since searching for the content of a previous answer on my user profile page becomes more tedious while the list grows, i would like to store some of my questions & answers inside an .odb database on disk.

Could it be, that one of my fellow frequent answerers on Ask.LibreOffice has already made such a handy .odb database, and if so, could i get a copy of it ? :smiley:

Much obliged in advance,

Hello @librebel,

Have attached one of the first I did - embedded. Have changed since to split DB & now to MySQL and really procrastinated on cleaning it up.

Here is what I have done differently since the attached sample:

  • Added answer field to the table

  • Added answer to the search section (BTW many items in search don’t yet work even in this sample)

  • Have abandoned using/filling out statistics (don’t mean much anymore)

  • Have converted macros from Basic to Python (you can have if wanted)

Should be easy enough for you to adjust for your needs. Already has some search functionality & link provision to call up original question. Let me know if any questions.

Sample (UPDATED with Python macros enclosed but not used): askResults.odb

P.S. You will get an error on the “Statistics” section until the first entries are completed. Never started out empty before.

Note: The Python scripts are what are being currently used. Never did use them in embedded version. Some of my earliest Python code so not the cleanest.

Thank you very kindly Mr. @Ratslinger!

I’ll add an Answer field as you already indicated, and will be testing out the Search feature in the coming time.

I also like the idea of the meta statistics ( percentage of answers accepted etc. ). Perhaps the Askbot itself could add such a statistics page in the future…

To fill the tables, is there a way to export one’s user data directly from the Askbot server to a .csv file or any other file format?

With Kind Regards,

Unfortunately I started by just taking each answered question one at a time, copied & pasted each. The initial set up was a pain (spread over a few days) but now I just add as I answer. The stats were nice at first. Of course karma and such don’t really matter. Interesting point - through my first 500 answers I found over 50% of answered questions had absolutely no response - no comment, reply, check mark, or up/down voting. This is for answers only not comments looking for info.

50% without any response at all, i find that rather disturbing from a social point of view. One would need additional stats to say anything about its causes, for example the percentage of first-timers and one-timers among them, then the rest would be the two-timers…

I think also an interesting statistic would be “Total Karma Points Divided by Total Number of Answers Given”.
If my computations are correct, then my personal average karma points per answer is 5.2644, yours would be 7.4081, and the Karmic Topscorer per answer would be Mr. @JohnSUN ( well done!) with 16.0163 Karma points on average per given answer.

…rest would be the two-timers… :slight_smile: Very Good!

Sad part is the 50% is really higher since it is probable some answers got upvoted from someone else.