Requested clipboard format is not available

when pasting into writer:

  • Using normal paste : works
  • Using unformatted text by right-clicking then choosing the option : works
  • Using Ctrl+Shift+V then choosing unformatted text : doesn’t work and gives “Requested clipboard format is not available.” error message this happen for every text regardless of size.

Could it be that what you copied is not text but is an image of some text?<\s>

Are you using a clipboard manager? They can cause problems with copy and paste.

Does it work properly in Safe Mode (Help - Restart in Safe Mode - Continue in safe mode)?

no i’m talking about text only, im not sure if i have a clipboard manager im using plasma with arch linux, i dont think it is an issue with the clipboard because as i stated it works when pasting normally and when using unformatted text by right-clicking, the bug persist even in safe mode.

I don’t know about Arch Linux, its clipboard, nor the version of LibreOffice they have compiled so I will have to excuse myself from this discussion. It does sound like a bug on that platform so you could make a bug report, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki
Cheers, Al