resize cell without effecting others?

Hi there.

How can I change the dimensions of a cell without effecting the aligned cell next to it?

I have columns on either side of a document and when I change the cells (for example on the right) the cells on the opposite side also change because they align together. I would like to alter cells freely and separately, how can I do this?

EDIT: Apologies for my explanation. Best way to explain it, I think, is to recreate my problem. I make a table 3x3, I want to adjust the height of column 3’s cells without also effecting columns 1 and 2. Currently, if I make any adjustments to any cell the rest will align automatically. Is it possible to turn off the auto align feature? Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Many thanks for reading and looking forward to your reply!

It’s very difficult to picture what you’re looking at, or understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Could you upload a sample document? Edit your post and use the small “paperclip” icon in the edit-area toolbar to attach a file. Also, edt in your LibreOffice version number. Thanks.

A text-table (in Writer) is a table, after all. It is not a group of cell-like shapes. It is structured by rows and columns, and only rows/columns have a Height/Width property.

If you insert a so-called table in ‘Draw’ you actually get a special shape where you can split single cells or append an internally independent column with a different row height. I feel sure you won’t be happy with that kind of table.

(Would you mind to tell us what you actually hope to achieve with the askew ‘tables’ you ask for?)

Hi and thanks for your reply. To put it another way, Regina’s answer is how I have been doing it but I wanted to know if I could move say (A1-C3) change A1’s height without A3’s height also being effected. I wanted to move them freely without resulting to splitting and merging as it would make it easier. Thanks again.

Sorry. I should have kept silent in this case. I don’t use text-tables very much and I never needed something of the kind you describe.

The outer shape of a table is always a rectangle, but in a Writer-table you can change the internal division. You can merge cells and split cells. This does not effect the other cells. See the attached document TableMergeSplit.odt for some examples.

Hi and thanks for the example. This is how I have been doing it, so far. But I thought there might have been a way to just unlock or untick snapping. Thanks for the reply.