Resize/reposition comment windows

on a LinuxMint 17.2-64 bit using libreoffice

some time back comments worked flawlessly in open/libreoffice - somewhere along the way they broke.

in ods format
Comment windows can be hidden (and do popup on rollovers) but do NOT show when the show flag is set. So it’s impossible to resize or reposition the comment window. Even a file save/reopen doesn’t fix.

in xlsx(Microsoft flavor)
Everything works as it should with the annoying process of needing to first change a hidden comment cell to a show comment cell before you can reposition/resize the comment window and then re-hide the comment. I think a file/save is also required before the new size/position “takes”

Maybe one of the other 14 or so formats handles comments better but It would be GREAT if some expert could publish a roadmap showing any planned fixes to the comments situation so we can make informed decisions as to what format to prefer when creating/saving spreadsheets.



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