Resolve comment doesn't saved on .docx format in writer


i’m using libreoffice writer and everytime I resolve comment and saved on .docx format, resolve comment doesn’t get saved and would appear unresolved when I re-open the file.

Edit your question to better describe what you intend to do (“resolve comment”??? Is this a comment change/update?)

Does it happen when document is saved as .odt?

This additional information should be provided through editing your question because this is a Question & Answer site where answers are reserved for solutions.

Also, retag your question writer as it doesn’t apply to Calc (spreadsheet) or Impress (presentation).

@ajlittoz: it’s about the feature added in 6.4 (tdf#119228). It was originally asked for interoperability with Word, so it’s reasonable to expect it working also for DOCX.

@gahara31: file a bug report.

would appear unresolved when I re-open the file.

In Writer? In Word? I’ve seen a couple of cases (not related to comments though) with LO 5.x when a file saved to DOCX would open fine in Word, but show some formatting errors when back to Writer.

@ajlittoz : well, the button literaly named “resolve” which then marks the comment to “resolved”, the kind you would get like in google doc. I worked with people who use and they reported can’t open .odt file, which i’m not sure how it ended up like that. that forced me to use .docx format and encounted this problem. I guess i’ll just report it as bug.

Ref: tdf#134265