Restart numbering in rows of a table in Writer

Using Windows 7, writer version 6.3.2. In libre writer I selected the whole table (many rows, 3 columns) , right-click, bullets and numbering, number list. It numbered the tables, rows first then columns, last entry 132. Then I went to the next table a few pages later, repeated the commands. It starts from number 133. I want 1. After right-clicking, I do get the options for Bullets and Numbering on top, in Customize, I choose Start at 1, it has no effect, still starts at 133.
I noticed an option to restart numbering with the second table, if I choose that, all cells are numbered 1!

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Select a single cell before right-click>Bullets & Numbering>Restart Numbering

Don’t play with Format>Bullets & Numbering, Customize tab: it defines the properties of the next list (or modifies the properties of the selected list). The Start at parameter there defines the first number of the list (it can be 10; then Restart Numbering will restart at 10).

Either use the button in the Bullet and Numbering toolbar or the paragraph properties of the cell to be restarted, Outline & Numbering tab and check Restart at this paragraph.

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In the second table, I should not select the whole table, just the first cell. Then it works out as desired.

If you select the whole table, the Restart numbering property is applied to every cell, which is not what you need.