Restart numbering without page break

Hi, I’ve a master document that contains the following documents:

  • Preliminaries: First page, table of contents etc. With Roman page numbers.
  • Chapter1: Restart page numbers to 1, and use Arabic from now on.
  • Chapters2 to N: Continue with Arabic page numbers without restarting.

For “Heading 1”, I’ve enabled “Text Flow > Insert > Page > Before”, so that each chapter starts in a new page.
At the end of the “Preliminaries” chapter, I’ve entered a manual page break to restart page numbering.

Now my problem is, this way there are two page breaks between Preliminaries and Chapter1.

How can I have a single page break there?

I tried to insert a custom-heading1 just for Chapter1, that would have “Page break and restart numbering”, but this then doesn’t follow the style set in the “Tools > Chapter numbering” menu settings.

Thank you!

Ah, it can easily be done with direct formatting:

  • Go to Chapter1, position the cursor over Heading 1
  • Menu Format > Paragraph > Text Flow, and set Page number: 1

If anyone can think of a way to avoid direct formatting, please chime in!

This is one of the rare exceptions where direct formatting is legitimate because you do it only once (or a couple of times) in a document and at very specific locations.

It could of course be implemented with styles but if you automatically number your chapters, the implementation becomes very complicated to make it compatible with auto chapter numbering.