Restarting Footnote Numbers for Each Chapter

I’m combining chapters to make a single manuscript. Each chapter is a separate odt document with footnotes staring at 1. I used Insert —> File for a test run on combining two chapters. The footnotes should start at 1 for each new chapter appended, but of course attaching a second document like this made the footnotes for the second chapter begin where the first chapter left off. I need to reset each first footnote for each chapter to 1. I found a thread from 2010 on another forum about this issue, and apparently at that time there was no way to do it, although the originator said Microsoft Word had a simple way to do this very thing. I am hoping that LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) now can do it too. How can I reset a footnote number to start a new sequence for each chapter?

Also: I tried Format —> Footnote/Endnote and then selected “Chapter.” That doesn’t work because it doesn’t recognize the beginning of a new chapter. Then I read the Help page, “Inserting a Chapter Name and Number in a Header or a Footer.” I followed every step. The result was that “Chapter 1” appeared in the headers of every page on both chapters, so there was no way of telling whether the footnote setting would have worked or not. And of ocurse, the chapter number and title must not appear on EVERY page. Plus, who wants “Chapter 1” plus its title in a HEADER? Most published books have it even lower than the point where the first line appears on normal pages.



Where is the answer?

Thanks for the answer. I got it to work. A procedure is needed prior to the step you described:

(a) Highlight “Chapter 1”
(b) Format —> Paragraph —> “Outline & Numbering”
(c) Set “Outline level” to read “Level 1.”
(d) Repeat (a)-(c) for each additional chapter.

Now setting counting to “Per chapter” will start the footnotes at one for each chapter.


A very important step just got lost…

(e) Tools —> Footnotes/Endnotes and set “Counting” to “Per Chapter”

Found it at:
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