Restore macros and auto correct data on upgrade

I’m running Libre Office I want to upgrade to 7.0.1. The reason is that sometimes doing a save in writer takes a long time, like 8-10 seconds. And sometimes after a save is completed, closing writer can take 8-10 seconds to complete.

I assume that I need to first uninstall, do a restart, then install 7.0.1.
When 7.0.1 is installed, how do I get back all of my macros in writer and calc? And my auto correction settings in writer?

I don’t want to just replace the Office profile since that may be the source of the slow saving and closing in writer. I want to keep the clean new profile but just copy the macro and auto correct files for writer and calc.

How can I do that?

Then try to restore only relevant parts of your user profile.

Close all your LO programs. Navigate to your User folder (find path on page linked by gabix), rename it to something like user[YYYYMMDD] . Start LO, it will build an new user folder and you can then copy-drag back your Autocorrect, Basic, Templates, etc., folders that contain just your data. If you miss one, you can drag that in later.

The benefit is that you can see if LO is faster with a new profile before upgrading. Personally, for work I would stick to the Stable version, currently 6.4.7

gabix and Earnest Al,
Thank you for your suggestions. Was hoping for a LO backup program that could restore macros and autocorrect options but I guess that does not exist. I’ll try doing it manually. Thanks for your links.

I removed LO, did a restart and installed LO (x64).
Then in’s profile folder I replaced the “basic” folder from the profile for LO Per the links you guys gave me, the “basic” folder hold my macros.

But when I opened LO, my macros were not available.
Is it a registration problem where has to register the macros in the basic folder? If so, how do I do that?

LO 7.x uses the same user settings directory as LO 6.x. Why did you have to replace anything?

gabix said: LO 7.x uses the same user settings directory as LO 6.x. Why did you have to replace anything?

Raptor88 said: After I uninstalled LO 6 and before I installed LO 7.x, I renamed the user profile from “4” to “4 - ver6” because I wanted LO 7 to create a new clean user profile. (Just in case my slow saving problem was being caused by something in the user profile.) My goal was to have a new LO 7.x with new clean user profile and only update the new user profile with my macros and auto correct changes. LO 7 did create a new user profile named “4”.

EDIT: After LO-7 was installed with its new user profile folder, I replaced the “basic” folder with the one from LO-6. Macros were still not available in LO-7. Do I need to register the macros with LO-7 and if so, what are the steps?

Thanks for your help. I very much appreciate it.

That is strange. When you replaced, did you confirm replacing all existing files? Try this: first delete the existing /basic, then copy /basic from your backup copy.

Hi gabix,
When I replaced the basic folder, I deleted LO-7’s basic folder and copied LO-6’s basic folder into the user folder. I assumed that all files in the LO-6’s basic folder were copied in the process.

Though I was reluctant to do it, I’ve replaced LO-7’s entire “4” profile folder with the “4” folder from LO-6 and my macros are available and work. Will see what happens and go from there.

Thanks much for your help,

Had a Libre writer not running (or something like that) message when clicking the “X” at the upper right corner to close LO-7. I’ll remove LO-7 and install LO-6.4.7 as suggested by Earnest Al and see what happens.