Restore text color module

Ladies and Gentlemen, I screwed up.

I used (I think) Resource Hacker to add a certain color or color name to the palette of LibreOffice, at least something of that sort. I definitely didn’t get it done with LibreOffice itself, that’s why I resorted to the aforementioned “hack”. But now, whenever I choose a color to be used as the text color, it has no effect. However, other colors work, such as text background color. The problem only persists within my current user profile, which I can also see from the fact that it persisted through LibreOffice 5.0 being installed. However, I can’t just delete my current profile, as I have precious customizations in there, such as the button arrangements and icon replacements. So, the question would be, how to either restore the text color module by copying something from the standard profile, or, how to secure the “button arrangements and icon replacements” part of my current profile and import it into a fresh standard profile.


The layout of the 4.x palette file has changed cf the 3.x file. Therefore, do not try to place a 3.x .soc file within a 4.x Profile.

The colour palettes are stored within the Profile as a “standard.soc” file. A brand-new installation copies these various default files from presets, The obvious thing to do (it seems to me) is to locate the presets & copy the palette preset into your current profile.


A) Switch off LO/OO + Quickstarter

B) Locate the Palette files
(following is from my current system with LO-
see also Locate your current Profile directory
(note that 5.x Profile location is identical to 4.x location):

:~$ locate standard.soc

C) Rename the existing palette

:~$ cd $HOME/.config/libreoffice/4/user/config
:~$ mv standard.soc standard.soc.old

D) Copy preset to the Profile

:~$ cp /opt/libreoffice5.0/presets/config/standard.soc ./

E) Restart LO/OO

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Hmm, this didn’t change anything. Obviously it’s more than the palette, I don’t know what. Maybe I should try it the other way around and save the button/icon customizations into a new profile…? Btw, I’m using Windows, but I found everything anyway.

Go through the steps again & at step (C) rename the Profile (change the username to ‘usr-old’, or some such). Then re-start LO/OO. It will re-create the full user Profile with defaults. First check that everything seems to work OK, then start updating your customisations (good idea btw, but do not forget to tick the answer (:heavy_check_mark:) for me!).

Only I wonder where are the custom icons and their arrangements saved? I wouldn’t want to go through that again manually.