Restoring settings, macros, extensions from a backup

I did an upgrade of my Linux distribution. I was hoping that it would be simple to restore my LibreOffice settings from the backup that I made. (Although I had some concerns that LO would be a newer version.)

EDIT: I just copied all the backed-up files-folders that are in “…/.config/libreoffice/4/user/” and pasted them (overwrite all) into the same folder of the newly installed version. Most things seemed to work without problems: I had created toolbars, macros, styles – they all worked.

The Extensions installed formerly by yourself should also be active!

is there something in subfolder
...user/uno_packages/cache/uno_packages/ ?

Uno_packages folder is blank.

@your Comment:

the Counterpart from Backup also?

Both the backup or the original /uno_packages/ folder is empty.

Thats bad ;-<

Maybe you backuped the wrong Folder?
Formerly the OOo/LO Userconfig was in /home/you/.Libreoffice/../user/
now its per Default in /home/you/.config/Libreoffice/4/user

I run /home and /opt on seperated Partitions, so I need no Backup on complete OS-upgrades

I had another backup of the ~/.conifig/libreoffice/4/user folder and it’s empty too – there is no ~/.Libreoffice folder. Why is it so bad, that it’s empty? All my extensions were working the day before I did the upgrade…

Its not bad at all - but it seems you have to reinstall your Extensions from the Repositories…