Restrictions via windows registry or other manner

I’ve libreoffice 4.1 installed in a win2k8 r2 server.
I need to restrict access to some parts of the menu like options.
There are any manner of restrict access to that part of the menu for not let user change config of any program of libreoffice?.
Server can be accessed for many users and i need to not being able to config any of the libreoffice programs for some users and config some parts of all programs via windows registry (because every user have its own personal part of the registry).
Also i need to restrict some internet access for all programs of libreoffice. Only administrators will update libreoffice.

This is a partial answer. You can disable menu commands via the UNO API. In the Office Development section of the Developer’s Guide Examples page the very last example is called “DisableCommandsTest” and provides an example in Java. Further details on how to use it in this thread.