Retrieve unsaved documents

Hi everyone,

I am quite careless when it comes to saving documents and so, and it never is a problem till someone else touches your computer…
So here is what happened: I was working on a document and not saving it ( in all these years of using LibreOffice the blessed auto recovery never failed me before), but then my girlfriend shut down my computer not saving the files either. So far no problem, but when she started libreoffice this morning and it asked for an automatic recovery, she pressed ‘no’ :frowning:
So now I lost all the files I was working on and I have no clue how to retrieve them. I tried the different temporary folders, but without any succes. So anyone knows how to deal with this problem? Is there a recovery program for LibreOffice?

What’s your Operating System?, maybe you can look in your basket for those files, retrieve it and try again with LibreOffice.

OP: @WillemFransen

Alex, hi. and how are you today? I have almost the same question. I had to override my computer, shutting it down due to a freeze-up suddenly. Alex, I thought that like Word, Libre would save my document that was opened when shutting down, but no it didn’t. Thank God, I do at least, that I am otherwise thankfully knowledgeable about this problem. If you or anyone can now help out ,thanks. If not, thanks any ways! Good day.