Retrieving data from a web page: Search, find the phrase, retrieve the data AFTER the searched phrase


I am trying to retrieve the “All time high” (ATH) data from the coingecko web page for crypto projects. “Link to external data” brings tables. I don’t want table. I need only ATH % data.

I tried to go through “view source” of the web page. I figured that the data I am looking for is right after after the certain phrase. I need to pull the seven digits of data right after the search finding location. The search works on Chrome but it doesn’t work on Firefox. I use ubuntu. It doesn’t have to be done by macro. I tried “record macro” feature but I learned that it doesn’t work when I open the chrome app and try to record the process. It will be better for me if I may retrieve the data without using macro if possible.

My libreoffice calc cells contain the followings:

  • Column A: #
  • Column B: Project name (etc: UNISWAP)
  • Column C: Project ticker (etc: UNI)
  • Column D: Lower case of the project name (b/c view source web page uses lower case of the project name) (etc: uniswap)
  • Column E: hyperlink (etc: =HYPERLINK(“view-source:”&D3) )
  • Column F: search phrase (etc: Comparatively, the current price is <span class=“text-danger” data-json="{“aed”: )
  • Column G: should be the desired ATH data (etc: -90.093 )

The search phrase: “Comparatively, the current price is <span class=“text-danger” data-json="{“aed”:
The data I am looking for is the 7 digits AFTER this search phrase.

I appreciate if you may help me retrieving the data.
ATH%.ods (19.8 KB)

Thank you in advance.