Return Date based on Year Months

We have a dog rescue which stores our dog’s ages in Year Months (examples “00 06” for 6m, “3” for 3y, “5 06” for 5y 6m). Since ages are all best guesses, we don’t care about day. We are converting to a new system which only accepts Birth Dates (MM/DD/YYYY), so I need to batch convert several hundred dogs over. I have been struggling to get a formula to work to convert…

Based on today's date, Yeas & Months = Birth Date

Unfortunately, searching returns so many entries to do it the opposite direction that I’ve had a hard time filtering to get the result I need. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Assuming age data in A2 and below, enter this formula in a cell on row 2:

=TODAY()-IF(ISERROR(FIND(" ";A2));VALUE(A2)*12;VALUE(LEFT(A2;FIND(" ";A2)-1))*12+VALUE(RIGHT(A2;LEN(A2)-FIND(" ";A2))))*365/12

The result should be date if the cell wasn’t formatted differently, otherwise apply a date format. Then copy-paste / fill down as needed. For your sample data the results today are 2020-01-19, 2017-07-21 and 2015-01-20.

Or even 365.25/12 compensating leap years which is 30.4375 days per month :wink: