Return MULTIPLE corresponding values for ONE Lookup Value, Horizontally, in one Row?

Column A: (Cell 1 to 7) Oranges, Apples, Pears, Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Apples
Column B: (Cell 1 to 7) $10, $12, $14, $18, $19, $16, $11

Column A: (Cell 11) Apples : Column B: (Cell 11) $12

I am trying to get Libreoffice Calc 5, Ubuntu 14.04 to display horizontal results from a vertical lookup. I have searched and tried different formulas for the past few days and I am stumped with this. Using the below I can get the above to display one return in Column B Cell 11. I used the CTRL SHIFT ENTER method to activate the array and formula. But the formula will not ‘drag’ to display multiple results horizontally! Instead I’m presented with Err:508.

Any Help would be much appreciated and thank you. This is my first question so I cannot upload an image of the sheet itself. Sorry for the poor layout.

The formula used is;

=INDEX($B$2:$B$8, SMALL(IF($A$11=$A$2:$A$8, ROW($A$2:$A$8)-ROW($A$2)+1), COLUMN(A1))) [Formula]

Here is a link to the method I used. It is the last example on the page. link Horizontal Return

I solved this myself. Hold CTRL while copying the formula to the adjacent cells.

Hold Ctrl+Shift while dragging a formula onto other cells