Revert embed picture / break link

The thought behind is reducing document size and maybe prevent problems while editing. Also the FODT (uncompressed, single file XML) version would become easier to handle or convert.

How is it possible to revert/und the Edit/Links, break command?
Best would be to have the dialogue almost the same.

possible starting points:

  • right click on image, save as
  • right click on image, replace and activate the link option

Just that would be more handy to do for all pictures in document at once.

There is no way to obtain this from the UI, you need to “hack” the odt file (I have no experience with the fodt format)

  1. Put a copy of your file inside an empty folder

  2. Change file extension from .odt to .zip and uncompress it

  3. Open content.xml file on your preferred text editor. Embedded images are referenced similarly to


change that to something like


Finally, select everything BUT the Pictures folder (and the original zip :wink: ) and recompress, then change back to .odt.


Well, it seems that is the best way for now. thx!

had a similar problem, links to invisible small online gifs - hyperlink - probably injected by copy/paste data from my bank account into cells where not! removeable.
edit - links to external files - break link removes them for the actual session, but they reappear after save-load cycle.
visible in the navigator under images, but nothing to remove.
causing crashes for 7.2 dev ver. of 2021-04-29. got em removed by editing the content.xml and removing table:shapes … </table:shapes>.
definitively not an option for big files or ‘normal’ users.