Reviewing database records in form

Good morning.
I recently started building a database. I have thus far entered 166 records into it. However, whenever I open the form in which I enter new records, the navigation bar only shows “1 of 1” when launching the form anew. In addition, in that same form, I can’t seem to be able to review all records entered thus far (which include photos). I am only able to review new ones I enter before closing the form. Any suggestions?

Open the form for editing, not for input data.
Mark a field in the form.
Right mouse click → Form properties → Data.
“Add data only” should be set to “no”, if you want to see all records.

If this isn’t the solution: Show a screenshot from the Form properties → Data

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OMG!!! so simple…I can’t believe it.
Much obliged, Robert.

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