Rich Text documents (.rtf) open in LibreOffice Calc' instead of Writer. Is there a solution?

My Rich Text documents are opening ‘Rich Text Document.rtf - LibreOffice Calc’. i.e. they have changed to a Spreaddsheet format. This is with existing or new any documents. I have recently upgraded to Windows 10. Is there a solution?

I right clicked on the corrupted document and clicked on ‘Restore Previous Versions’ and it’s fixed the problem. Rich Text Document is now ‘Rich Text Document’ Previously it was .rtf file-name but it was a Spreadsheet when opened. Also it took many many minutes to open.

I have the same problem. I am using Win 10 and LibreOffice thinks my rtf documents are spreadsheets! Using the ‘Restore Previous Version’ option suggested above allowed me to manually set it to open with Writer and not Calc.

However this is not a matter of a ‘corrupted’ document as all my old rtf files were now showing as spreadsheets, just like the original poster reported.

Try right-clicking on a .rtf document and selecting “open with…”. Find and select LO Writer, and check “always use this program to open this type of document”. Click OK.

I just installed LibreOffice for the first time on a Windows 10 computer and this happened, This has never happened on a Windows 7 computer, and I have installed it on many. Anyway, the “Open with” fix worked.

Same problem here. It opens correctly on calc, however if I try to open it with Writer this one show a “general I/O error”.