RIght click doesn't work on Calc Cell Styles

I am using LibreOffice I want to change the default font in Calc. I click “Styles” in the sidebar on the right side. Then I right-click the Cell Styles box in the top left of the panel. I am told this is supposed to bring up a Context Menu with the option to Modify. But nothing happens.

In another post on this board I read that this can happen if you have a protected sheet. But I tried it with a New spreadsheet and no protected sheets and it still doesn’t work.

Any help much appreciated.

No, this is not supposed to bring up a context menu. You are supposed to left-click on that button; where you are supposed to right-click in on specific styles in the list below (e.g., on the “Default” style when you want to change some setting global to this document), and that would bring the context menu.


That works - thank you so much for your help!

Right-clicking on the Cell styles icon has no effect. Left-clicking on this icon only opens the window with the cell styles below it.

Unfortunately, you do not describe what you actually want to achieve.

My guess:
You want to open LibreOffice Calc and have the blank sheet use the font and size you want in all cells.

My tip for this:
Right-click on the cell style “Default” and choose New.
In the “Cell style” dialog, enter an incoming name, e.g. “My Default Text”.
Select the Font tab and set the desired font, font style and size and click OK.
Now select the entire table (klick top left corner - header rows).
Now double-click on your new cell style.
Now all cells should be able to execute your font preferences.
If you have multiple tables open repeat this there as well.
Finally, save your document as a document template, File>Document Templates>Save as Document Template.
In the “Save as Document Template” dialog, enter a name for the template and choose a template category.
And put a check mark at “Set document template as default”.
Now Calc should include your font defaults when you open it again.


Thank you. Yes, I did want to change it so that any new spreadsheet is in Times New Roman 8.
Whhen I used
It seemed to work when I chose “Modify” after right-clicking on Cell Style Default and then saved as template as you suggested.