Right-To-Left button not showing in the toolbar


Using Draw & Impress of LO .

I need to have some text aligned from right to left.

In Tools->customize->toolbars I’ve added the “Right-to-Left” button to the “Standard” toolbar but it’s not showing.

Also there’s a “Text Direction from Left to Right” shortcut (associated with .uno:TextdirectionLeftToRight ) but nothing for right-to-left?.

Would appreciate any suggestions on this.


Right-to-Left is for languages like Hindi where you write from right to left, you need to enable the appropriate language support. If you need to swap between languages it could be useful but I don’t think that is what you want.

If you have the sidebar open and you then add a text box, the sidebar will display the properties relating to text, Character, paragraph, spacing, etc.

You could:

  • Press Ctrl+R to align right. Others are; Centre Ctrl+E, Left Ctrl+L, Justified Ctrl+J
  • Add the text toolbar, click View > Toolbars > Text Formatting
  • Add the icons for alignment which are called Left, Centre, Right, Justified

Thanks. You’re referring to alignment but I refer to text direction, it’s different.
There’s a dedicated button for Right-To-Left but it’s not showing in the toolbar.
I have CTL enabled.

I’m not sure but I think you must enable the Complex text layout in Tools/ Options/ Language Setings/ Languages.

Thanks. I already have CTL enabled but the Right-To-Left button isn’t showing.

You can try to reset User Profile and set the RTL again.

Note that text formatting is not available or greyed out except when editing text, e.g. a Text Box.
If CTL is enabled then the Right-To-Left and Left -To Right icons should appear in the Text Formatting bar that appears anyway.
Fontwork or text embedded in a shape don’t seem to work even if RTL is set so best to group with a Text Box