Romanian dictionary without diacritics

I have a little problem. I use LibreOffice with Romanian dictionary, but nobody types letters with diacritics, because is easier without diacritics. Typing with diacritics is very rare, consumes more time and it is used in legislative domain, in official documents or when somebody writes a commercial book. I use to type without diacritics, but I have some problems with automatic spell and word completion, they don’t recognize the words that normally contains diacritics but are written without diacritics. I tried to find Romanian dictionary without diacritics, but unfortunately I didn’t find it. Have somebody got a solution to solve this problem in order to type without diacritics and to benefit by automatic spell checking and word completion for words typed without diacritics?

What to make own non-diacritics dictionary? I suppose the dictionary is an .oxt file.
You can rename it to .zip and unpack it. And there is some file with the Romanian words. So you can replace the diacritics letter to normal letters in this file. You can use for example Find & Replace or Regex batch Replacer for Find&Replace in the file.
Then pack it to the .zip and rename to the .oxt and test it.

Probably, such a replacement will be needed for the affix file as well.

Yes, indeed, it’s a solution. I will do so. Thank a lot.