Rotate page but not table

I want to print a table which is A4 landscape on an A4 portrait page.

Try changing the layout of the Writer page containing the table, by selecting Format > Page, and changing the “Orientation” from “Landscape” to “Portrait”.

Of course, your table might need adjustment if it is too wide for the portrait format page. Chapter 13 of the Writer 5.4 manual (download free from the Document Foundation Get Help/Documentation pages) gives lots of advice on how to do this.

Hello @dennisLO,

To rotate your page orientation from Landscape to Portrait, or vice versa, you could do this:

  1. select the menu Format : Page...;
  2. in the dialog that appears, select the tab Page;
  3. under “Paper Format”, select Orientation = Portrait or Landscape.

Your table should then remain in the same orientation as before.

HTH, lib