Rotate table Writer

LO 4.3
I have many tables inserted through the table tab.
I want to rotate them 90° clockwise or couner clockwise. So, the whole table, with the content. The formatting and cell width etc. should be preserved.
How would I do this?


In previous versions (OOo 3.2.1) it was possible to set a frame for a vertical orientation: Right-to-left (vertical) (Options tab, Text direction). I do not know from which version of LibreOffice that is no longer available.

This is no longer offered in the interface but still availabe by the API. See ToVertical.odt that launches the macro:

Sub ToVertical
if thiscomponent.currentselection.supportsService("") then
	thiscomponent.currentselection.WritingMode =
	msgbox "select the frame please"	
end if	
End Sub

You could insert your tables into frames and use this macro. I created the bug report 91878