Round(Cell Ref,2) but include any redundant 0 e.g. 19.20

Hi there,

I want to use the “Round” function to 2 decimal places, but include any redundant zeroes after the decimal place.

Example: Round(A2,2) gives me 19.2, when l really want 19.20

To make matters worse, this is to be part of a Concatenate statement, so l cannot just format the cell. It all needs to be done via the formula itself.

Is this possible?

Use =TEXT(ROUND(A2;2);"0.00").

More LibreOffice Help on TEXT function, and Number Format Codes.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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= someStringExpression & TEXT(ROUND(A2;2);"0.00") & nextStringExpression

Please also consider what I posted in Why do I often get an error (508, 504, 502 e.g.) if I paste a Calc formula from some post into my sheet?.

Sorry i don’t understand what you wrote unless you are showing how the answer is to be embedded within my existing formula? In which case, no problemo, l have already embedded it in a concatenation formula as per OP thanks though :slight_smile: Peace

Peace, of course. Don’t worry.

My answer was essentially the same as the one posted by @LeroyG. I was late because I wanted to also point to the fact that the comma used as the parameter delimiter (“function delimiter”) might be a bad choice considering worldwide cooperatioon. That’s what the Q&A I linked to was concerned about. If you visit that link you will see that some very experienced users share my point of view. Also @LeroyG used the semicolon in his solution.
After all the majority of locales use the comma as the decimal separator, and can therefore not also accept it as the parameter separator.

(This is not a US only or a UK only … site, but an international site in English language.)