Rounding to next 100,000, or some such

I have a proposed budget with three different scenarios, called “A,” “B” and of course, “C.” Each has different budget amounts in certain categories, dependent on the scenario. I insert the applicable budget amount using the Data Validation Tool along with an IF statement, so that =IF(A1="A","A Shows",IF(A1="B","Now B Shows",IF(A1="C","And Finally C Shows"))) (an example) works to give me the desired value in the correct box.

However, I want to make a calculation that rounds up my totals in a way that is applicable to each scenario, and which requires that I round up to three different larger increments, 100,000, 200,0000 and 300,000. I do not want to merely add those amounts, I want the totals rounded up to the next increment of those.

Example, if A is $932, then it might round up to $100,000, while if B were $273,000, it would round up to $400,000 and C if it was $675,000 would round up to $678,000.

I can’t find anything other than someone who wanted to round down to the next 100, but I couldn’t get that to work.

Anyone have any ideas?

For the 1st case, that would be: =ROUNDUP(A1/100000;)*100000 with A1 being the cell to be rounded.

For the 2nd, that would be: =ROUNDUP(A1/400000;)*400000

The 3rd condition is rather strange. But I guess you got the idea.

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Or better for first case:


I like the solution, but I am losing it in my mechanics. Here is what I have, hopefully you can see why I added the subtraction at the end. The formula drops everything after the divisor sign, which I presume is because of misplaced parentheses or some such, but I have counted and do not see my error. Here is what I have developed for my use case.


Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Separators are wrong or missing. Use semi colons instead of comas.


Cannot check the end result (division by 0) but it should work with your data.

The Ceiling Function is getting me to where I need to be, and seems that it may be able to handle all my use cases.

A working solution for my use is =CEILING(D95, 100000)+(IF($K$10="Arena_Cost",500000,IF($K$10="Box_Truck_Cost",250000,IF($K$10="Corral_Cost",250000))))