Row height - Precision out to thousandths

Minor quality of life request - It usually won’t make a difference except on higher-quality printers, but over the course of ~60 rows on a page, it makes a difference and helps pass the “pleasing to the eyeball” test when printing out things.

Doubt this will see the light of day, but throwing it out there in case anyone else has run into this, totally reasonable, yet slightly inconvenient limitation.

And of course… the answer is to just use millimeters instead of inches, which provides a much larger amount of precision.

Disregard. Though leaving here in case anyone else googles/searches for this same issue and doesn’t realize this is the easy solution.

Tools → Options → LibreOffice Calc → General → Measurement → Change to Millimeters.


Well, the internal unit for Height/Width of Rows//Columns is the hundredth of a mm (Values stored as Long.).

Nonetheless: For reasons I don’t know there is a flaw that I will describe by an example: If you enter a row height as 11.11 mm the actually set value will be 1109 *1/100 mm. If you set the same height by a user routine the 1111 * 1/100 mm is saved correctly.

The described effects were found under all 4 combinations of silly-inch-locale/UI / SI-locale/UI.

Hello @w0k,

The Point is smaller…
Row Height in Calc can be specified in one twentieth of a Point.

If you select the rows whose Row Height you want to change, then right-click on the row Header and choose “Row Height…”, there you can specify the row height in Points with 2 decimals, but the second decimal is rounded off to 0 or 5.