Rows from 1,048,576 to 1,500,000

I would like to know how to increase the rows from 1,048,576 to 1,500,000. I have data in CSV file for 1,500,000 rows

Until recently this was impossible.
Now it is is a (imo) experimental feature in LibO V7.0 or higher. Upt to now my few tests failed (probably due to my specific RAM usage).
Anyhing actually needing more than 2^20 rows likely isn’t something you should do with spreadsheets.


you did not mention your LibreOffice Version, hence to following cases need to be considered:

LibreOffice Version < 7.0:
No way - the maximum number of rows is =2^20 = 1048576 which cannot be changed.

LibreOffice Version >= 7.0:

You may:

  • enable Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Advanced -> Option: [x] Enable experimental features (may be unstable)
  • Restart LibreOffice
  • Open a new spreadsheet document (to make Calc configuration options available)
  • Set Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice Calc -> Defaults -> [x] Enable very large spreadsheets (16m rows, 16384 cols)
  • Close the document (Configuration change does not apply to the current open document)
  • Open a new document

Note: Take the hint “(may be unstable)” when enabling experimental features very, very serious, when it comes to very large spreadsheets. You may (I’d go one step further and state you will) face crashes of LibreOffice.

It crashed, I am not able load entire rows

File a bug report here - as said it is an experimental feature