Rtf file numbered paragraphs not appearing when opened in Libre

I downloaded two rtf files from a public website:
Judgement 276
Judgement 673

Downloaded J 276.rtf opened in LibreOffice v. (recent upgrade on my computer) and showed the para. numbering.
Downloaded J 673.rtf and opened in LibreOffice showed no numbering. But when opened in NoteTab Light it did.

The website has advised me, “Some of the courts now using new version of word which produce docx files - I’ll have to investigate further.”

Anyone any suggestions as to why J 673.rtf does not show paragraph numbering in LibreOffice?

The RTF files you’re linking are no longer available.

Please report the bug here: https://www.libreoffice.org/get-help/bug/

And add the problematic document there as an attachment.

My apologies. Only just seen this answer as a result of an AskLibo alert email received on 25 May 2014.
Rather puzzled. Both file links still active - just downloaded them. Will forward to bug report,