RTF file with embedded photos - images are not displayed

Is there a setting that will allow LibreOffice v. Version: (x64) to display embedded photos in a Rich Text Format file? MS Word sees and displays the embedded photos so I know they are in this file. The photo captions are present but no indication of the photos that are embedded.


If I create a document in MS Word including an embedded image and save as .rtf it opens in LO Writer showing the image. I am testing on an older version of LO,, on Windows 8. Can you upload the file so it can be checked?

EDITED 22/01/18

@Myles The pictures do not display when I open the rtf in MS Word or LO Writer. Looking at the rtf in an editor I see that the images are not embedded but linked. The first picture of Lester Leek is linked to a file on the pc, Lester Leek WWI enlistee_cr.jpg. If you open the file on the pc containing that picture it should show but will not show on any other pc. If you want to distribute the rtf to someone else you need to embed the file so it is included in the rtf.

peterwt, this forum will not allow me to attach a file (requires 3 pts?) but here is a link to the file I placed in DropBox. It is a small RTF file created in Legacy Family Tree genealogy software, v.7.198 that contains embedded photos.


the file you uploaded to Dropbox has no images in it.

@gtomorrow There are linked not embedded images in the file.

peterwt, attached is a file that will open in Word 2007 and display embedded photos but when opened in LibreOffice Writer, only shows the photo captions, without the photos being displayed.

Well, I cannot upload the file. The message that is shown when I attempt to attach a file is 3 pts needed to upload file? Thank you for your interest in my problem and I do apologize for not being able to share the file.