Running (and stopping) Impress via cron?

Running Linux on a Pi 3. I launch an Impress presentation via cron at specified times. The presentation loops continually, which is the intended behavior. The cron successfully stops the screensaver and launches the presentation. However, it does not proceed to the next command (sleep for the designated time, before forcefully stopping the presentation). This is because as long as the presentation is running, cron cannot proceed (even if soffice is invoked with a “&” to put it in background).

As a workaround, I’m using a second cron to “pkill” the first. But there surely must be a better way. However, I cannot find a command-line parameter to set the duration of a presentation.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Have a look at nohup, disown, …

Perfect, I’d completely forgotten about nohup. It seems to have worked (I was not onsite to verify, but the script logged all steps rather than hanging).

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Mike, I would agree–but I can’t control where the answer got posted. PèreOrval provided the answer in a comment (for which I’m grateful), so I attempted to direct others to that answer. That way, my question no longer shows as “unanswered”, and should be sufficient to guide “others having similar problem in the future”, I would think.

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As stated in the comment above, by @PèreOrval:

Have a look at nohup, disown, …

Edited / Updated:
My cron invokes a script rather than launching the slideshow directly. Here’s a snippet from my script:

# Launch the slideshow:
  nohup soffice --norestore --view --nologo --display $DISPLAY --show "$SHOW" & \
  echo "$(timestamp) - Sleeping 15 seconds while slideshow starts."  >> $LOG
# Pause for the slideshow to load:
  sleep 15
# Gracefully stop the screensaver:
  echo "$(timestamp) - Stopping the screensaver."                    >> $LOG
  xscreensaver-command -exit

Note that values for $SHOW and $SHOW_LENGTH come from the command line in the crontab. The value for $DISPLAY and $LOG were set earlier in the script. And $(timestamp) is just a custom function that’s much shorter and simpler than typing all the options for the “date” command that I want.

After another sleep (for the duration of the presentation), it restarts and activates the screensaver, then stops the presentation with:

pkill soffice

The reason I launch the presentation BEFORE stopping the screensaver is that the presentation takes 10-15 seconds to load and to go into presentation mode on the Pi. I’d rather not “raise the curtain” until it is running.


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His answer was as complete as I needed, but sure—I can elaborate once I’m at home, on a “real computer“.

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