Running report results in "failed to load style-mapper"

Odb created in LO 6.3 on Linux Mageia7, the vversion has been succesfully upgraded to LO 6.74.2.
The user of this application runs it with LO on Win 10.
No problem again on PCLinuxOS with
But on Mageia 8 with LO running a report results in above error.
The odb has beeen uploaded in bug 140453, take the first report in it.
The full message is: Failed to load style-mapper Failed to load style-mapper
Caused by: Failed to load style-mapper
at Source)
… 1 more

The report opens apparently OK in Edit mode, the problem appears when running the report from there or directly from the odb.emp.odb

I’ve been able to setup a small sample odb with one report that demonstrates this issue. I can upload it if you want (where to do that?)


You can upload the file if you want. Edit your question (edit is under question on right). The use paperclip icon in toolbar (upper left in edited question) to attach. See also → How do I attach a file to my question/answer?

Can’t say it will hurt/help to upload but already looked at the reports and found no problem (Ubuntu 20.04, LO v My initial thought is something with the LO version on Mageia 8. All other systems seem to work OK thus far.

Uploaded the odb. I filed a bug in Mageia’s bugzilla. It’s being looked at now. From what i’ve seen, I also suspect there is something wrong in Mageia’s build as far as LO is concerned. I’m gratefull you look at the question from your side.

Do not have a problem with the report you posted in the attached Base file.