Running the install program starts in the wrong language

I’ve d/l the GB English installer. I live in Thailand, as soon as I run the prgram the installer switches to Thai, stopping me proceeding any further. I’ve checked and d/l the GB english version again, but it still changes all the instructions into Thai when it’s run.

In the help pages is mentioned about the installation wizard and “select type”, but I can’t as absolutely everything is in Thai.
also saw something the included runniing this from a DOS window:
msiexec /i LibO_3.5.3_Win_x86_install_multi.msi TRANSFORMS=:2057
but it still runs in Thai. Any ideas anyone?

@ewan – did @manj_k’s comment help you resolve your installer issues? Please let us know.


@ewan - If manj_k’s hint did not give you the solution. I could recommend to download the English US version, which is the multilanguage version, and select during the customized installation all languages you want to have. I do this with 4 languages. You only need to do it once and updates pickup always the same settings.

@ROSt53 – All current "LibreOffice_x.y.z_Win_x86.msi" are “multilingual builds” (not localized, all UI languages available via “Custom Setup”):

Release Notes: “The distribution for Windows is an international build, so you can choose the user interface language that you prefer.”

But this question is about the language of the “Installation Wizard”.

@manj_k - Thanks for explanations and very interesting links.

(Modified my comment to an answer)

The issue is reproducible with TRANSFORMS=:2057

(LO install wizard switched to OS default language).

See also:

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– So you may use (for the current version)
"msiexec /i LibreOffice_4.0.1.2_Win_x86.msi TRANSFORMS=:2057 UI_LANGS=en_GB"

to start LibreOffice with the English(GB) user interface (even if the language of the Installation Wizard doesn’t change).