Russian language problem with charset

Ive get file from excel. Language of file is russia. Problem with charset. Screenshot by Lightshot How can I play with charset in LibreCalc?

There is no concept of “Language of file” in Excel.
Please, could you please upload a fragment of the problematic file.
An alternative is to contact the Russian LO forum .

It depends… the old .xls binary file format stored the program or system language and if you were lucky the code page used for characters matched that. You’re out of luck if it doesn’t match. The new OOXML .xlsx files don’t do such nonsense anymore and should declare encoding in their XML stream, usually UTF-8.

The Excel book 97-2003 format (* .xls) uses unicode. Excel book 5.0/95 (* .xls) format does not use unicode.
You would still remember the Sumerian books. :slightly_smiling_face:

Heh. And it was not that long ago (2020) when I fixed tdf#132796 to use LO settings for such Sumerian XLSs :wink: